Amazon provides indie authors with a wealth of resources to publish and promote their work. One free service they provide is the author page, where readers can find all the author’s works, links to their blog posts, and a forum for discussions with the author and each other. Check out my author page here!

Goodreads is another great community for readers and authors. Here you’ll find books by established authors as well as indies. Features include forums for different genres, lists of books by popularity, giveaways, reviews, and much more! You’ll find my works listed on Goodreads, and, if you’re a fan, I would especially appreciate a review!

Hometown Reads is the place to find local authors! You can browse books by authors from dozens of cities, and more are being added every day. Support your local authors – check out the offerings from your community!

Literature & Latte are the makers of Scrivener, the finest writing tool ever conceived. I used Scrivener for my latest project, Shredded, and I love it! Scrivener lets me organize my writing project by section, chapter, scene – whatever makes sense for my work. When I write, I often find a need to change the order of scenes or chapters. Scrivener makes it easy. And each chapter or scene has its own synopsis and notes. Best of all, Scrivener lets me compile my manuscript for a range of different formats – ebook, print, manuscript submission, or chapters in individual Word documents, the way my editor prefers. I recommend the Mac version, but I own the Mac, Windows and iOS versions of Scrivener.

I teach an overview course on how to use Scrivener. You can download my tutorial here.

If you’re a writer, you need to check out Scrivener!